Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This is after I started taking away a little of the clay. I am still scared of taking away too much.
PS I love my iPad and the Skitch app! And yes, I know I had way too many "so's" in that sentence.

This shows the back end of my piece. And the pretty pomegranate sitting beside it! Look how bumpy it is, when I was holding it in my hand it looked perfectly round. Point of view is everything in art! This photo also shows how far behind I am compared to my classmates.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who knew?!

Wow! Who knew choosing a fruit or veggie would be so hard? And who ever heard of a coyote squash? But my heart belongs to the pomegranate! Who wouldn't love that color and great texture? Who knew they aren't round? And who knew you'd have to slam that 50 pound slab of clay on the table get the air bubbles out? I'm sure the more compact the slab got the heavier it got! Now the hard part for me..getting started!

First days of Sculpture 1

I have been so excited to start Sculpture class. But I was so intimidated after the first class! The thought of doing representational work is so scary. Doing a blog..scary! To set the tone I've decided the name of my blog is going to reflect me...karen's krazy kreations. All my work tends to have a "family" connection and to carry that forward I am using 3 "k's" in the title, representing my name & my daughters names (Krystal & Kasssidy)...they are my kraziest far!